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     Honey's Mini Therapy Adventures is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that brings therapy horses to many Central Florida facilities. We visit Tampa General Hospital, Saint Leo University, Pasco Hernando State College, University of Central Florida. In addition to these organizations, we visit smaller nursing homes and local schools weekly. 

     In 2018 we began our work & quickly realized how Honey & our therapy horses were affecting dementia and Alzheimer's patients. The horses' smells, sight, and touch bring back long-forgotten memories. It is incredible to see and be a part of such a unique service that genuinely makes a ripple effect impact on the facilities we visit. Dementia/Autism/Cancer not only affects the individual themselves but is so hard on the family members and caretakers that love them.

Patty, Mary Rose and Lisa out on a Visit to USF for finals week

         Our visits also impact the staff; everyone from patients to guests responds positively to the tiny horses. For example, in our most recent Tampa General Hospital visit, we were told numerous times, "This little, tiny horse just made my entire day; You have no idea how much I needed this." Another staff member states, "All her anxiety and stress literally washed away." If the tiny horse positively impacts someone's day that we crossed paths within a hospital, then it's worth all the hard work that goes in

behind the scenes to facilitate our therapy visits.

Mary Rose amd Faith at a hospital brightening nursing staff's day

So many different populations/backgrounds and ages can benefit from the unique service our handlers and tiny horses provide. These horses may be miniature, but their impact on the community we serve is tremendous.

honey and service dogs.jpeg


We serve a variety of facilities that are in need of therapy including pediatric, behavioral health, hospitals, public schools, and senior care.

Young boy loving on Faith during a Honey's Mini Therapy Adventure to USF


Some of our pediatric care units include The Joshua House and Banyan Pediatrics. These monthly visits go to help 30-75 foster care children per visit in our community. The Banyan Pediatric is for kids with critical medical special needs that require medical supervision 24/7. The visits impact the emotional regulation and mental health of the patients and residents at these facilities.  

Young boy hunging Faith the Mini Therapy Horse on an adenture to a pediatric health facility


Our visits each month focus on intensive in-patient behavioral with both adolescents and adult populations health facilities where the horses are used to provide equine therapy that works hand in hand with traditional therapeutic modalities alongside mental health providers. 

We Visit 7 facilities including Lakeland Regional Behavioral Health, La Amistad Behavioral Health Services, University Behavioral Center, Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, Palm Point Behavioral Health, and Lotus Behavioral Health impacting the lives of 60-80 people patients a visit.

Honey interacting with staff on an adventure to a hospital


Tampa General, AdventHealth, BayCare, and Lakeland Regional Hospital are all needing a sponsor to continue providing weekly or monthly visits from our mini therapy horses. On each visit we meet with over 500+ patients, guests, and staff members that benefit the hospital as a whole. The horses work alongside many different interdisciplinary teams within the hospital setting. 

School visits allow us to teach our youth through education and awareness about the work our therapy horses are doing in the community. Why volunteer work is important. How animals can help humans heal through the service that our mini therapy horses provide. This provides not only an educational aspect but a therapeutic benefit to the students and staff at the schools. We make an impact on 100-1,000+ students

per campus we visit.


College student hanging out with Honey on an adventure to USF during finals week
Honey hanging out with a senior at BeachHouse Assisted Living


Senior care facilities include memory care units, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation facilities interacting with 150+ Residents per visit. We have numerous facilities seeking sponsorship to receive our services provided to our senior community. A few facilities we visit looking for sponsorship include Gulfside Hospice, Concordia Village in Tampa, Solaris Healthcare, Angels Senior Living, AdventHealth Care Rehabilitation, and many other facilities throughout Central Florida. 

Belle 5.jpeg

"There is something about seeing a therapy horse that brings joy to those who need it most. It seems that almost everyday there is a new story of how much joy and love Honey and her team is giving to the world. It is quite amazing to hear these stories from someone speaking who has not spoken in years to others that suddenly remember a past long forgotten. Whether it be a child who is stuck spending most of their life in a hospital or a senior whose memories have faded while living their last days in assisted care, just a little Honey is all they need to cheer them up, bring back a lost memory or give them a much needed spiritual connection with another soul. A soul that can immediately connect with them and love them back in a way humans are not capable of doing."

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
-Mahatma Gandhi


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AFP Tampa Bay Philanthropy

Week 2022 Recipient

Honey's AFP Philanthropy Week Award

The NAMI Pasco Heroes of Hope “Unsung Hero”

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2023 UCF Public Safety

Community Partner Award

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