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Did you know your organization can sponsor a Honey's Mini Therapy Adventure? We are opening up the opportunity for aligning organizations to partner with us on visits. Click below to view our 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities. 


Are You Interested in Volunteering?

Honey's Mini Therapy Adventures is looking for qualified volunteers to join our program. Whether you have experience with horses, mental health, or administrative work we are accepting volunteers in all aspects who are a good fit for our organization.

Please fill out our volunteer application form and email it to


"Banyan Pediatric Care Centers, a medical daycare facility, has been honored to partner with Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures for a year now. We initially believed their visit would be a one-time treat, as they had to travel over an hour to get to us, and we operate from a very limited budget. But because of their kindness, and the noticeable impact their visit had on our kids, they were determined to find a way to maintain a relationship. Eventually, they secured funding to make visits twice a month across all THREE of our locations! They travel hours back and forth to fulfill their mission of improving others’ quality of life. 


These visits bring both our children and staff so much joy, and we consider them a vital part of the Banyan experience. Our children all have medically-complex diagnoses, some with limited mobility, disregulated sensory systems, behavioral issues, and other disabilities that would otherwise make interactions with animals difficult, or impossible. Honey’s gives our children an opportunity to have an entirely novel experience, regulate their emotions, calm their anxieties, and receive unconditional love from a furry friend. Both the handlers and their horses are equally patient, kind, and selfless for what they do. With increased funding and donations, they can continue to spread their joy to facilities like ours and beyond."

Banyan Pediatrics Care Centers, 2023

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Have You Been with us
on a Recent Visit?

Please take a minute to fill out our post-visit questionnaire to help our research study with The University of Tampa. These results will help not only our mini-therapy horse program but equine therapy programs all over the world.

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